Lemon Drops and Other Horrors (Hobgoblin Press, 1993)
Four Shadowings (Necronomicon Press, 1994)
Beyond the Lamplight (Jack O’Lantern Press, 1996)
Spiders and Milk (audiobook, Necronomicon Press, 1996)
Flute Song (Black Mesa Press, 1996)
The Roswell Crewman (Black Mesa Press, 1997)
Arroyo (Black Mesa Press, 1999)
A Roswell Christmas Carol (Black Mesa Press, 1999)
Wait for the Thunder: Stories for a Stormy Night (Hippocampus Press, 2010)
A Capitalist Christmas Carol (Black Mesa Press, 2010)
The Roswell Genes (Black Mesa Press, 2016)


Four-Dimensional Tic-Tac-Toe (Educator Books, 1971)
Cryptograms and How to Solve Them (Educator Books, 1972)
Topics in Precalculus Mathematics (Prentice-Hall, 1974)
Topics in College Algebra (Prentice-Hall, 1974)
Topics in Mathematics (Prentice-Hall, 1977)
Elementary Statistics (Winthrop, 1980)
H. P. Lovecraft: A Critical Study (Greenwood Press, 1983)
Lovecraft: Disturbing the Universe (University Press of Kentucky, 1990)
Begging to Differ: Deconstructionist Readings (Hobgoblin Press, 1992)
The Golden Age of UFOs (Black Mesa Press, 2001)
UFOs and the Murder of Marilyn Monroe (Black Mesa Press, 2003)
UFO Secrecy and the Fall of J. Robert Oppenheimer (Black Mesa Press, 2009)
Lovecraft: An American Allegory (Hippocampus Press, 2015)

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